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"I found the perfect puppy for me, but it's so far away!"

We hear it all the time - families fall in love with a puppy only to find that the logistics involved in driving long distances to pick up the pup are just not doable.  At DixieBelle Danes, we don't want distance to be the deciding factor in whether or not a pup is right for you.  This is why we work so hard to make it so easy! 

When it is time to pick up your pup, you have several options. 

*Owner pickup  

You are always welcome to pick the pup up from our home.  Please schedule your pickup as early as possible to ensure availability of the date/time you prefer. 


*Mid Point Pickup 

We will personally drive up to 60 miles (each way) at no charge to meet any buyer who lives 120 miles or more from our location.  If you wish for us to drive farther, the rate is $1 per mile over 120, based on round trip mileage. Please schedule mid point pickups as early as possible to ensure availability of the date/time you prefer.

*Certified Delivery 




We are proud to partner with Go Fetch Pet Transportation for ground shipping of your pup to anywhere in the continental United States.  Please note that we DO NOT FLY our dogs, as Texas weather can be extreme in all parts of the year.  Ground transport is the safest option for moving your pup.  

Go Fetch Pet Transportation is a USDA Certified and Insured, Licensed pet transportation company dedicated to the safety of their precious cargo.  Your Pet Nanny will send photos and updates while on the road, and deliver your pet right to your door!  

If you are interested in having a pup shipped to you with a Go Fetch Pet Nanny, contact us for a quote.  Please be sure you let us know your zip code so we can get the most accurate pricing available.  All shipping fees are paid to DixieBelle Danes of Texas and will be added to the cost of the pup.  We handle all of the arrangements, all you have to do is let us know when you would like delivery! 

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